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Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Stockings Were Hung

Happy St. Nicholas Day! 

Found this fantastic post by DobbyKnits (why didn't I think of that name!!) about making your own sock blockers out of coat hangers and got a little carried away......

Aren't they fun? My older son came home from school and was beyond excited. He wouldn't let me take them down for DAYS. Then I explained that they were presents and he was happily distracted with wrapping and making cards (thank goodness!)

These are for Mom's stocking 
(no ball band but if I recall correctly they were Bernat Berella worsted weight)

These are a surprise for my friends Rachel and Rebecca. My plan is to wrap them up and tuck them into their stroller baskets so they wont find them until later. We don't usually exchange gifts so I don't want them to feel like they need to run out and buy something! These were knit from Sirdar Folksong Chunky (lots 1235 and 1234 respectively). Super easy and quit knit but they took three balls to make a pair of socks. I don't mind when socks take a ball each, but 1 1/2 just seemed crazy. Maybe its just me? They are incredibly pretty and cozy though so totally worth it.

These are also for Mom's stocking and are from the same yarn as the fabulous afghan I made this summer. See how much darker they are? Okay, not sure it's really showing up in the pictures, but trust me, way darker.  Hard to see on the hangers but the two for Mom have much longer ankles than I usually do and I stuck with knit stitch rather than ribbing. They wont fold over all pretty but she seems to like scrunching them down. Or pulling them up to her knees. Mom is very fashionable ;)

Here's hoping that St. Nicholas soon will be here!

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