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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Eclipse Socks!

Finished these this morning - my Manos Del Uruguay socks. I LOVE this colourway. LOVE it. Had to maniacally track down an extra skein to finish these socks and I just think they are so pretty :) 

Then I found out the colourway was called Eclipse...

  Eclipse. Mmmmmm..

Woops. Sorry. Distracted. On that note, found a t-shirt the other day that read "Team Edward....Until Jacob takes off his Shirt". I want it. My hubby's name is Edward so I have a Team Edward shirt. But seriously, Jacob. Jacob with no shirt. Even better. Definitely Team Jacob. Definitely.

Okay focus. See Pretty Socks. Socks. Eclipse socks. Love em :) 

And here they are all packed up and ready to be wrapped. They are destined for my Mom's Christmas stocking. I wear flip flops in January so I would never WEAR thick, 100% wool socks. But these ones are going to hurt to give away...a little. I have (hopefully) JUST enough left to make a little tea cosy for a darling little teapot my Grandma found in her basement. 
Then I can enjoy some eclipse with my tea every morning.
Maybe Jacob would like to join me??

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