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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Rabbit is NOT Going to Beat Me!

I am s....l....o....w....l....y working my way back to blogging and I came across this post saved in my drafts folder. I was totally thrilled to see it. Not because this afghan turned out so well - I actually donated it and all the yarn to charity - but because I was thinking about it the other day and had not saved my pictures to any file I could find.  I started this afghan when I was pregnant with my first son. He is about to turn five. My Great-Grandmother had given me the Peter Rabbit squares (I believe they were originally really scary leg warmers) and with all the hopes and dreams of a new Mom I wanted to make this afghan in her memory. She was a great Lady and I adored her. She was all that was gentle and kind and awesome in my world. She passed away when I was seventeen and the whole town turned up for her funeral. And she would have loved my boys. So, as I anticipate the big five year birthday celebration, I was thinking about this afghan. I had picked up stitches around the pink square and was working it in a stocking-stitch log cabin pattern. I thought it was quite cute and clever though and I was dreading having to knit a back for it (the bunny needed a back). The problem, however, was that I could not find ANYTHING to match or compliment the weird salmon pink. It was the strangest colour. Plus, I was having a boy and i didn't want to have TOO much pink. But other than the brown, very little worked. So I bought cream and brown and LOTS of blue. And I knit away on it. And everyone hated it. Everyone I showed it to thought it was just awful. And not at all practical for a baby. It was universally unpopular. So I fussed. And I pondered. And I took pictures. And I clearly lost confidence. And in a panic of pregnant lady superstition I gave it all away. Looking at these pictures I am HORRIFIED. What was I thinking?!

It's pretty, right?! And cute. And that was a LOT of yarn. And my darling boy, beautifully playing lego while his little brother naps, just looked at the pictures and said "Cute foosh, did you make it?" (foosh is what he calls the afghan I did make for him and has slept with and taken everywhere since he was born). And when I told him the story of how I WAS making it for him and how I didn't think he would like it and how I gave it away he said "That was silly, you should have waited til I could talk. I like it. Would you make me a new one?" I am in the middle of a log cabin afghan right now and am loving it. I actually have a pattern that would give me the Peter Rabbit. And I have a beautiful pink that I could use as the background. And I have a wonderful local yarn shop I'm happy to support and buy more yarn from. So really, there is no reason to say no to my boy. And even though he will likely forget this conversation and wont really want the "foosh" when I'm done, I think I'd like to give it another go. The original title of this post was "The Rabbit is NOT going to beat me" and I think I'll keep it. The rabbit may have won the first round, but my favourite quote is "Remember, the turtle won". So five or six or several more years later, I may still win this particular race.

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