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Friday, May 25, 2012

The Good Captain

After my darling son wore his various Darth Vader capes to school every day for the past month, his friend came up to me and asked, in total faith, if I could make him a Captain Jack costume for his birthday. I spent HOURS looking at pictures of Johnny Depp...serious hardship there...

And came up with this:

Basically all that really resembles Captain Jack is the bandanna (I found some amazing coins to attach to it). But my young friend's faith does not change the following facts: I am not really that great at sewing, I really like making capes, it's the only pattern I had, and I only had two days notice. Luckily, he seemed totally thrilled and wore it proudly. And really, I think he may even be cuter than Johnny. Yes, I said it :)

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