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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Stash Conqurered!

I have done it! I have conquered my stash!

The last time I bought yarn was July 2015 - one skein for the Thunderstorm MKAL and one skein of Malabrigo Rios in Archangel in August 2015, which I used for the Boneyard shawl.

Wait...I lie. I also joined the Mad Geek Tour - All of Time and Space (Doctor Who) and received 3 skeins of sock yarn. (July, August and September)

And in September I went to the closing sale for Lettuce Knit and bought 4 skeins of Scrumptious Purl (because Robyn was Instagraming the gorgeous Baby Beluga from Jamaica and I was totally jealous!)

Okay, other than that,  the last time I bought yarn was in June. But in May and June of last year I didn't just buy yarn.. I BOUGHT YARN. I acquired a massive amount of yarn. Between Knitters Frolic in April and then a visit to Montreal to see Robyn and her awesome shop, I bought more yarn in a few weeks time than I think I have bought in my LIFE! Plus, Robyn GAVE me some as hostess gifts and birthday gifts. I could practically swim in all that yarn.

And I'm NOT apologizing for it! I'm not feeling bad at all about it! But I did reach a point where I ran out of places to PUT it all! So I have been on a mission to make some space.

I dug through all of my yarn and sorted and organized it. This was my idea of heaven :) Hayley at Knit-o-matic had a yarn swap in November and I donated much of my leftovers, acryllic, and older stuff that I know I will never get around to knitting or had fallen out of love with. That cleared out a reasonably sized grocery bag. Felt good about that!

And the rest I have been knitting up as quick as I can - randomest projects first :)
(Isis Cowl - named for the Egyptian legend, not.. you know... )
Camo Sugar Plum Cowl - Malabrigo Twist, softest yarn EVER!

The Socks that Had to be Socks - the yarn just wouldn't be anything else!

Quick Chunky Socks

Quick Chunky Socks II

Polar Bear Charity Project 

Hudson's Bay Cowl for Imke  

Aujourd'hui Cowl in Punta Fuego "Magma" LOVE this colourway! 

Mya's Sugar Plum Cowl - made for sweet 4-year old Mya who is battling (and beating) Leukemia
Aunt Janet's Sweater - Down by the Sea
Longest project ever, so happy to finally have it finished. And she wears it ALL the time. So happy about that :)

Pitter Patter Shawl - test knit for BohoChic Fiber Co. Used up my Mrs. Crosby Loves to Play yarn from my first Knitter's Frolic. LOVE the way the colours combined :) 

Nick's Jurassic Socks - totally looks like Dinosaur scales 

Baby Blanket for little Andreas. Knit through two Seasons of True Detective, five Seasons of The Wire and a couple of Terminator movies. Manliest blanket ever! 

And finally, the biggest stash-buster of them all, A Blanket for Seriously Cold People!
7 skeins of Cascade Magnum cleared out a whole basket of storage space :)

After all of this knitting I have this much yarn left: 
Trust me, there is plenty in there - but at least I can tuck it away and not have to explain it away or trip over it! And everything in there has a plan or specific destination. Totally manageable!
(okay, there is also, tucked away in my closet, my Opal Advent Calendar - it's designated for the cozy memories blanket and will be coming out... probably later tonight :) ) 

11 weeks til Frolic

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Knit and Purl Mama said...

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