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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Hudson's Bay Cowl

 I bought this yarn last year with the plan of making Susan B Anderson's Snowman & Tree from her Topsy-Turvy Hand-Knit Toys book. I LOVE topsy-turvy toys and hoped my boys weren't too big them. I had visions of tucking one into each of their stockings and listening while they figured them out. Such lovely daydreams!

 Then we got an email from this young lady's Dad
 asking us to send a few things from Canada that he can't get in Amsterdam. J and Mr. Ed have been friends since Kindergarten and they have a Bromance that has stood the test of time
(don't ever tell them I used the word Bromance....)
Mr. Ed decided that we should put together a Christmas basket for J and his sweet family, and "oh, by the way, do you have any nice, really Canadian-looking knitting you might be able to include"?
Um... sure dear. I'll get right on that?!? 
A couple of trips to Roots, Indigo and a round of digging through the stash led to a beautiful, very Canadian Christmas basket complete with my very own Hudson's Bay cowl. I think the green really should be blue, but this was the yarn I had and Mr. Ed is rather proud of me. 
5 days knitting and I'm a superhero! 
So it's all packed up and headed overseas. I wont even hint at what the shipping cost...

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Knit and Purl Mama said...

Great Canadian scarf! You did a great job. What other canadian items did you include in the parcel? Jamie is having a bromance with one of Sean's other coaches (Jamie's a coach too this year....) omg... it's as if they were meant to be long time friends. It's hysterical. Don't tell Jamie I used the word either... lol