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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sun and Sail

Last summer my friend K3 dropped by for coffee and a visit and brought me a skein of Noro Kureyon Sock.  I wound it up on m ball winder and tried two or three projects with it. I was crazy in love with Cosy Things' Yarn Collector's Half Blanket and cast it on the minute I read her post. My version? It looked like a ratty old thing my Mom's dog would sleep on. Not worth continuing. Boo. I tried socks but wasn't in the mood for socks. Then I was chatting with Robyn and she suggested Sonnensegel. When I like something I like something and I'm very good with directions. So I pretty much went out the next day, bought some Debbie Bliss Angel and cast on.  
(That's it there behind the skein of yarn I was showing off)

And here is my brilliant yarn sorting system. It's not exactly portable but for yarn that tangles like mad it works okay. I think I wound and rewound the Noro too many times as it is curling into itslef, which makes it extra fun to manage. It's even broken a few times, but we're managing. 
Ed thinks the scarf looks like something from the Matrix, but I'm not sure that's a bad thing!

Sun and Sail (translation) was flying along at first but as you increase every few rows it is growing and the more it grows the slower it goes. 
But now I have a deadline!
My buddy Sailorgirl called this weekend to wish me a Happy Birthday and she is coming home in July for a visit. She lives in the British Virgin Islands and I"m sure doesn't really need a scarf. But the name and the colours are SO her, it can go to no one else!

(Photo's courtesy of Sailorgirl. Her "average day at work". She sent them in the middle of the winter to taunt me! But yes, I'll still give her the scarf. We've been "twins" since we were six. Not going to fall apart at a little teasing now! Still, next winter I'm going to visit!)


Mrs. Match said...

Happy birthday to your little guy! What a great birthday idea! It looks like he had such a great time. What a brave mama to have all those reptiles int he house. Plus the others! That bunny is so cute!

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Hope you had a great birthday girl!

How far into your Sun & Sail have you gotten? I need to pick mine back up again... after I finish another store sample... of course!