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Monday, June 2, 2014

Pillows Ahoy!

Our friend S had a birthday this weekend and between his mother and I we couldn't think of anything he really "needed" as a gift. I shopped, she tried to think of something... no go. And I love birthdays. I love finding the perfect gift and I love seeing the kids so happy. The boys love it too and usually they are all over shopping. When your four year old can't think of anything you KNOW you're in trouble! 
Then S's mom mentioned reading this blog and commented on how cool the pillow loungers I made at Easter were. Light-bulb! I could make THAT!

I asked S what his favourite colour is - red - and went in search of pillow cases. No luck. I either had to buy two full sheet sets - which made it stupid expensive - or I was stuck with boring colour choices. So I decided to raid the fabric stash. Whee! 
(Much fun was had there - and I've lined up all my summer projects too, so feeling very organized)

I bought this fabric EIGHT years ago when I was pregnant with N. I was hugely in love with The Pirates of the Caribbean movies and wanted to make something Pirate themed. We called the belly "Baby Ho" and after he jumped during an explosion in the movie we called him "Baby Yo Ho Ho".
I had grand ambitions to make a quilt or ... something. But never quite got around to it. And then N got bigger and started to have his own opinions and every time I got the fabric out he very politely informed me that he likes Sharks better than Pirates and could I please go find some shark fabric. So back into the stash it went.

When I was looking for pillowcases for S I found some Jake and the Neverland Pirates throws that reminded me of this fabric. S loves Jake and (I hope) would enjoy a pirate themed lounger! So then i got to play. 

Rather excellent use of the fabric and didn't require cutting it up too much. I hope S enjoys it!
Here, my silly boys demonstrate how to use it - sword and all!

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Knit and Purl Mama said...

Awesome gift! Lucky S!