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Friday, March 21, 2014

About as Canadian as I could get

My wedding dress is getting re-married tomorrow :)
For some reason this makes me inexplicably happy. A friend of mine is moving back to Australia in a few weeks and as part of her goodbye party she and her husband have decided to tie the knot, officially! She was going to wear a favourite little black dress but the Mr. objected and got all superstitious about it. So she had to find a dress at the last minute. As Mr. Ed and I eloped and my dress had to fit in my carry on, it's fairly light and simple. So she's going to wear it tomorrow. And she looks beautiful in it. Makes me so happy!
  They really don't want gifts or anything to take back with them and there wasn't much I made PJs for her kids. The pair on the right are my practice pair - I made two fronts by mistake which was both of my guys are buttless wonders and didn't need the extra fabric. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I got the length right, but overall I'm pretty thrilled. Plus, the boys were so excited (A wore the practice pair three days straight) I went fabric shopping and  have some pretty cool stuff coming in the mail this week :)

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Knit and Purl Mama said...

Those are some awesome pj pants! Lucky kids! I need to learn to make Pj pants for the kids. But you're soooo right about once they need more than a meter, it's not worth it, unless the fabric is on sale. The Fabric Land in Kingston was having a 46th birthday event, and fabrics were on crazy sale. I got all the fabric for the boys capes at 40% off. 6 meters cost me a total of 36$ with taxes. I thought it was a great deal at 5.40$/m. Unless that's not a good deal, what do I know??
That is so cool that your wedding dress was able to get re-married :)