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Thursday, February 6, 2014

My Little Superhero :)

 When N was three he told everyone his name was Shadow, Shadow the Hedgehog
He ran everywhere, because hedgehogs have to go "faster, faster, faster"
 When N was four he briefly wanted to be Harry Potter. I enjoyed that phase a LOT ;) 
Then he changed course and became Anakin Skywalker
Either way, he needed a cape.

 This red one was the first, made on demand from whatever fabric I had on hand. 
I've written before that I think Santa really is a sort of superhero ;) 

 These were the two Star Wars ones. They got the most wear. 
He wore them EVERYWHERE, along with a leather belt and a lightsaber. 
He thought he was the coolest guy in the world.
I couldn't have agreed more.

The capes dont get much wear these days, though he still wears the belt (over pajama pants no less). 
These days, he's a little too busy being a Ninja.

(Cape pattern/tutorial was from The Long Thread and was beyond easy! I used snaps instead of velcro but other than that followed it exactly)


Jo-Ann said...

Aww man those are awesome! I have to dig out my guys old padawn and ninja costumes for your guy! Ill also look for the shark one but i will be needing that one back for his memory box. . . I cant decide which was my favourte fase! The seeking arournd in the shadows and HIYAH-ing Everything in sight or the zipping around faster faster faster. . . . Sigh . . . . It ends too soon.

Knit and Purl Mama said...

OMG! My boys would flip. I wish I had time to sew.... Those are AMAZING!!!