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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Doesn't Want the Tooth Fairy

This is the Tooth Fairy Pillow that I made for N. On Friday night he lost his first loose tooth!
 Well, his first 'real' one. We haven't seen him with two front teeth since February 2009 when he knocked one out doing gymnastics with Daddy on the couch....

When he discovered it was loose he was a bit panicked. I think he was afraid of losing it. So he worked at it and worked at it... and worked at it. That thing was hanging by a thread and was really grossing me out! It has been since New Years that he first noticed it and FINALLY Friday night, in the midst of a really bad cold  pneumonia, and a lot of really bad coughing, it just fell out. It was the middle of the night and he wasn't feeling well so I just tucked it away and thought we'd do the whole tooth fairy thing the next night. 
So all day he's quite pleased the tooth is gone, though he wont eat because it feels so weird. After dinner I asked him if he wanted to put his tooth out for the fairy to come. I had a pillow when I was little and I was kind of excited about the whole event. He looks down at his hands and fidgeted for a bit. So I asked him if he didn't want to put his tooth out? He still has the one he lost when he was 18 months old so maybe he felt weird about giving it away. He looks at me with his big blue eyes and says "Mom, can't YOU be my tooth fairy? I don't want some stranger in my room!". I bit down on my tongue SO hard to not laugh. Then I asked him if he still thought he should get money.  

Mr. Ed walked in at this point and tried to explain that it was a trade. You give up your tooth and you get money. He thought about it and said "so it's not like Santa? You just get something for being good?" Mr.  Ed said no, and then N said, "but if it's just you guys, what are YOU going to do with my tooth? Mom just puts it in a jar". And Mr. Ed said "I'm going to save them all and make a necklace to give to Mom." And N said "In that case, I want twenty bucks"

So in case it comes up... the going rate for teeth in our house... is a nice crisp twenty!

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