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Monday, October 14, 2013

Forgot the Kale

Finished! Just in time for a Thanksgiving photo shoot at the cottage :) 

Mr. Ed's gratuitous corner shot. He's totally in love with my corners. Sweet man :) 

We call this the Forgot the Kale quilt. It seems to have every other vegetable accounted for. 
Except pumpkin! Which is funny as it's for my best friend Ash and her birthday almost always falls on Thanksgiving weekend. She jokes that she never gets a cake, she gets a pumpkin pie with a candle in it. She's a dedicated Vegan so I think the pumpkin pie may be more appropriate anyway. I hope she likes the quilt. I fell in love with the fabric back in June and knew it would be perfect for my girl. Mr. Ed helped with the layout and while I had planned to send it out for some pretty green stippling he talked me into doing some simple stitch-in-the-ditch. We agreed the fruit and veggies needed to be framed, they are so pretty! 
I spent way too many nights and afternoons working on this and slightly neglecting little A, but it's done and I love it and a little alone-time playing with masses of Lego never hurt anyone ;) I always stopped for dinner and school drop off. Actually, what I really neglected were my workouts. Which Ash would scold me for so it's good it's finished! 
I'm off to find some cool wrapping paper and a card with either Kale or a Pumpkin on it. This time of year that should be too hard! 

Quilt measures 67x67 inches
Fabric: Farmer's Market by RJR Fabric/Ro Gregg
4 charm packs and then yards of the coordinating green 
80% cotton/20% poly batting
Started September 13
Finished October 9 

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Knit and Purl Mama said...

It's gorgeous! Wow..... the colors are very nice.