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Sunday, October 27, 2013

An Old Friend

I made this quilt six years ago this fall, when N was a new baby and I was in the throes of new-motherhood. He was a dream baby and slept for long stretches at a time. He also adored his swing so I was able to chat with him when he was awake and work on my quilt. It was supposed to go to a friend of mine (sorry Sailor girl!) but after he fell asleep on it one afternoon in the sunshine I couldn't bear to part with it. Since then it has gone on many picnics, parades and cottage weekends with us. It's made from denim so it's sturdy, and tough. Works great for forts and floor picnics and rainstorms. And I thought it deserved it's turn in the spotlight (plus, I finally found the perfect fence to photograph my quilts on!)



Knit and Purl Mama said...

Oh wow, that is so nice. I have a started quilt with from a class I took while on Mat leave... I need motivation to finish it - though I doubt I ever will. If you ever are in Montreal, my fabric collection and quilting stuff is yours.... the free time I do have, I'd rather be knitting, or crocheting as I have soooo many projects I need to do. So now you have an excuse to come to Montreal!

Jo-Ann said...

You"re so talented and inspiring! Not just your quilt but your mommying while you work too. :)