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Monday, August 26, 2013

Streetfighter Cake

So, little known fact. Mr. Ed and I were fifteen when we started dating and the first date we went on was to see the Street Fighter movie. The one with Van Damme. And his best friend tagged along with us. So romantic you could die right?? (I know D and T are going to mention that I got all mushy when the Minions started singing "I Swear" in Despicable Me 2, our first dance song from grade 10 semi-formal. My life is sad! )

Now, many moons later, Nick is obsessed with Street Fighter. I don't "get" it at all, but we were asked to come up with a cake.

Some of you may remember the cake that started it all: 
 N was three and obsessed with Sharks. We didn't read bedtime stories, we read National Geographic and could tell you how fast a Mako could swim, why Bull Sharks are the most dangerous and how basking sharks could get sunburns. He wanted a Shark cake. So Mr. Ed had a food stylist from one of his photo shoots make this one. It was mostly icing and cost us a fortune. And N cried when we cut into it :( 

The next year N wanted a Shadow the Hedgehog cake. We got all ambitious and spent (no kidding) EIGHT hours making this one. I did the baking, Mr. Ed did the decorating. With plain ordinary buttercream icing. Not fondant. It was.....challenging. But N loved it!

The next year was easier. He was into Star Wars that year and Williams-Sonoma was our friend. These cupcakes took less than an hour and the kids were thrilled. 

This year he wants Street Fighter. More specifically Balrog.
This was the picture Mr. Ed used for inspiration: 
And this was his Cake:
Considering that the man can barely boil water.... I am impressed. Lets just hope our kid is!

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Anonymous said...

Nice work Mr. Ed!