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Monday, July 8, 2013

Breaking out the Jelly Rolls

Published on July 8, 2013

A few weeks ago my MIL was diagnosed with cancer. From what we understand it is very treatable and her prognosis is good. She was taken in for surgery/biopsy almost immediately and tomorrow we will get the results (for all it's flaws, I must say I love the Canadian health care system!!)

My immediate response to the situation was to start cooking. I sent over food and had my father-in-law for dinner while she was in the hospital. I made sure my husband visited his mother MUCH more diligently than usual and took the kids to visit their grandmother. 

I still felt useless. 

Then my dear Mr. Ed asked me if I would make her a quilt. I had just finished the one for my Grandmother and have been trading emails with Jo about patterns and fabrics and pre-cuts. I am DYING to try the 1600 Jelly Roll race. I mentioned to Jo that I thought my MIL would like yellows and greys and she tracked down these beautiful jelly rolls:
 I ordered them right away from Sew Fun Quilts on Etsy and they arrived last week.
Between Jo and I we had pretty much decided that I was going to give a braid quilt (great tutorial) a try but Mr. Ed said he liked the jelly roll race quilt a little better (though whatever you want to do is awesome, so you choose). Seeing as I think I'm equally happy trying either and I want to get this done quickly, I'm off to the races tonight!

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Jo-Ann said...

I love the colour combo and so will she. Best wishes to her and the family.