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Thursday, April 4, 2013

My Scary-Sweet Doll

So I am weirdly obsessed with the Lalaloopsy Dolls. I think they are adorable. 
It is probably a good thing that I don't have girls because I would be crushed if they didn't like them. My boys think it is hilarious that I still like dolls. N promises to get me "the one with roller skates" for my birthday. I'm not sure which one that is, but I'll be thrilled to receive her :)

A few weeks ago I came across this pattern on Etsy. I HAD to try it. Turns out, I probably should have left it alone. My doll did not turn out .... right. I feel really bad about this. I want to apologize to the pattern designer. The pattern was excellent. Clear, well-written, easy to follow. The body and head of my doll turned out perfectly fine. Then I tried to do the face. I knew I was in trouble when I realised the eyes were a bit crooked. And the mouth was a little weird. But I kept going and added the hair. I was trying to decide if I was being over-critical of my work when N and my hubby walked into the room. N has tact. He said "cool lalaloopsy Mom...but it's a little scary". My husband started laughing hysterically and said that it looked like something out of a zombie video game.

Poor Dolly. I still love her. I have a pattern to make her pajamas. I am tempted to make them in black and just go with the theme. At least then it will look like I made her look like that on purpose.....

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Jo-Ann said...

Aww she is really cute! I have to agree, she is zombie-ish but living dead dolls are all the rage, just ask my two girls and their hord of monster dolls. Black pj's will be perfect!