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Monday, April 22, 2013

Box Pouches for My Travellers

In four sleeps my Husband is taking my son to Amsterdam for a "boys week" with his friends. This would sound terrifying under the best of circumstances but my son is FIVE and while he is a good dad, my darling man has never really parented for longer than 24-hours. And that involved help.

So, my baby will be an ocean away with five lunatics responsible for his care. So, four sleeps sleep!

If it were anyone else telling me about it I would say something positive like "Oh wow! What a great experience for them. They'll have so much fun!" That's what everyone has been saying to me. And in theory I know it will be....but I"m still nervous. 

I want my sweet boy to know that I'm thinking of him while he's away (skype every five minutes will not be sufficient) so I've made him some box pouches to carry his Shadow the Hedgehog and other Sonic toys in. 

This one is already packed....
He plans to pack this one when his brother isn't looking so A "wont be sad I"m taking all our toys"!!
Four more sleeps.....

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