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Friday, March 22, 2013

Getting Better with Practice

I don't really have anything much to say today (gasp. I know, me at a loss for words). Don't worry, will be fine. Just really tired. But another project I've been meaning to post is my little "upcycled" woolen hippos (I seem to have a thing for hippos lately). They are both made from the same sweater that I found at Goodwill for $3. I wanted something to practice on as my friend D gave me a really pretty but worn out ANGORA sweater along with permission to cut it up. I needed to gather my strength first.
 This first little guy turned out quite well, though I used "safety eyes" and then had a bit of trouble implementing the instructions for the eyebrows (which also help shape the face). My smart-alec cousin said that it didn't look like a Hippo, it looked like a Capybara (world's largest rodent. Cause THAT'S what I was going for...). Then my darling A got a hold of it and with two days of love the poor thing started to fall apart. After two rounds of mending and putting the stuffing back in I decided to felt the rest of the sweater before I tried again (the instructions had said it wasn't needed). This made for a much sturdier fabric, though much darker in colour and compressed the pattern too much to really be used. So the second one is kind of plain.

 And I still haven't figured out the eyebrows.
 And I have an urge to sew on nostrils.

They had intended destinations but A wont give up his Capybara and my darling hubby claimed the second one for his desk. I was so pleased I let him have it :) I will definitely be making more!

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