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Friday, March 15, 2013

Coming Along

 Today I finished the last round of the first colour of yarn I'm using for my 

I have this much yarn left. When I started this round I honestly thought I'd have enough for two rounds. Clearly the unending garter stitch is messing with my brain!

 This was the blanket when I started it back in AUGUST
(that picture was taken August 17, 2012)
I didn't work that dilligently on it, and it got put away during November while I frantically made things for Christmas, but I've been chugging away all 2013. I've only made 1 1/2 pairs of socks in the meantime.
That feels like some kind of record.
I love this blanket.
I love it
It's been my cozy companion through a long, cold, TRUE Canadian winter. 
My kids have snuggled up beside me while I've worked on it. 
I am slightly convinced it holds the sunshine and memories of summer. 
It is colours I never use.
It was started from remnant yarn that I nearly donated to the local senior's group.
It was nearly socks. 
But I was at the cottage, had finished another project and needed something to work on. I didn't feel like going into town for more knitting needles (didn't have the right ones for socks), I had always wanted to try the log cabin and so I just started knitting.

I remember N was at a birthday party in August and I took the yarn with me to my LYS with a plan to match the colours of the varigated to some solids so it would all go together. I had to order in more of the green (Bernat Berella was the original and the lady at the store had to match it as it had been discontinued) and the pink was the suggestion of another shopper in the store. I had been trying to match the darker pink/red and was only finding shades that were too dark. A fell asleep in the stroller and I remember sitting in the store for an hour and half just knitting. This blanket if full of sunshine and peace! Then I had to go and get N from his party and I remembered it POURED rain. A and I took refuge in a gelato store and shared a vanilla cone while we waited for the rain to stop. The party had a bouncy castle and I remember A and N and a bunch of kids having one more bounce in the castle before we headed home. This blanket is full of sunshine and peace and laughter.

My mother wants me to give it to her. My grandmother wants me to give it to her. I have made them dozens of blankets over the years. They aren't getting it. I have someone very special in mind for this blanket. I think it will be a nice surprise ;)

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Jo-Ann said...

This is so beautiful! It makes me think of enjoying a glass of pink lemonade while sitting in a grassy field. How sweet making It has so many special memories for you. The happy colours and the spirited movement I feel when I see it actually makes me think of your personality. I realize you likely have lots pretty blankets but the special person who deserves this beauty in my opinion is you. Nice work!