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Friday, January 18, 2013

Hand Warmers

...a New Addiction :)

I was reading Cozy Things a few weeks ago and HAD TO try her tutorial on making your own hand-warmers. It's been -23'C here, not including windchill and I am training for my first 5 k race. I'm pretty good at dressing the rest of me warmly enough, and I have a great system with blankets and hot water bottles for keeping my Crazy Man warm in the stroller. But the hands. Holding the stroller handle bar is killing them! And the hot pockets my friend gave me for Christmas are just a little too hot, if that's not totally crazy.

So I bought a bag of beans at the grocery store and "borrowed" a piece of craft paper from N, who loves my projects and helped draw/trace all the circles.

 Then we cut out fabric circles from our leftover quilt fabric (the bright green and lighter purple are from A's quilt, the blue and purple clouds are for a quilt in progress for N. We had a small confetti fight with the fabric circles, had bath and story time, and once the boys were in bed I got to sewing.

 In just an evening I made enough for my two boys, myself, my running partner and her little guy (who rides in the stroller beside A when we train. They watch Dora and Phineas and Ferb together and yell at us to go faster!)

 The next morning I got up, got everyone ready for school/running and heated up the handwarmers in the microwave. Then I put them in a thermal bag and tried to tuck some into my guys' mittens. No go. N said they smelled funny. A just threw his across the room. (he is a professional two-year-old. I would expect no less...).
But my running partner, several other Mom's in the school yard, and my aunt (who visited later) thought they were pretty cool so they got some to use. We have warm hands. The kids, they're in denial and still ask if they have to wear their coats. Sigh.

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